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Name: Robert
Land: The Netherlands
Stad: Amsterdam
Telefoon: +31 6 26 05 42 57
I use Voice Dialogue as a method to support people in leadership development. Also in developing creative thinking or discovering different ways of doing speeches and presentations.
I love helping people to risk a little more than they would otherwise, to get them out of their comfort zone and try new behaviour. I love the look of delight when that goes well.

I love turning complicated concepts into simple stories that helps  everyone understand. I love getting people out of their seats. I love getting people talking to each other. I love it when people are in touch with their deeper values. I love people who dream and take action. I love people.

My background is in management training, leadership coaching, improvisation acting and writing (children’s novels). I have brought these strands of my life all together and now help leaders use storytelling as a way of moving others into action. I am a leadership coach, storytelling trainer and innovation facilitator at THNK, the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership.

I was born in Australia and educated in Holland (I studied business at Nijenrode and International Politics at the UvA), lived in London where I published a book on corporate strategy, and worked as a management trainer in Sydney. I became a personal coach myself, wrote several young adult’s novels in Dutch, teach improvisation acting, play cricket and love life and Amsterdam. Sometimes it seems all at the same time.