Name: Merlijn
Land: The Netherlands
Stad: Voorburg / Den Haag
Telefoon: +31 642301357

My name is Merlijn (1977). I work as a couple therapist and coach in personal development and transformation (independent practice | buro deliefde). Towards

being happy and healthy in resilient, loving relationships

based on a strong and loving connection with yourself.

For the ones who dare to take full responsibility for themselves and are struggling alone or together with for example: uncertainty; midlife questions, relational doubts; violated trust; love affairs, (self-) criticism; relational stress, feeling distant, lonely; lack of intimacy, not being able to speak about feelings or vulnerable subjects together; the feeling to have lost themselves or to have lost each other.

A mayor theme in my life and work is the (in)ability to be in connection with the other, without having to lose the connection with yourself.

Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue and I first met in 2010 and I immediately fell in love with ‘her’. Over the years I got to know ‘her’ as a very effective, creative, loving, profound and at the same time light and elegant philosophy and methode for personal and relational development.

Voice Dialogue provides insight and tools to

strengthen your connection with your soul and essence;

to get to know, accept and love yourself more, and to be able to regain your inner and outer balance time and time again. Working in your connection with you, with your loved ones and with the world.

Voice Dialogue can be beautifully combined with other methods and work styles. Such as Emotionally Focused Therapy (dr. Sue Johnson) in which I am also trained. If you want to know more about me, my background, workflow or offer, feel absolutely free to contact me. You can call or email me, or check out my website If I can be anything for you, you’ll know.

Love is different from what you might have thought…Love springs up anytime any two or more people connect over a shared positive emotion.”

With that scientific understanding of what love is, to us and our bodies, you can see micro-moments of love carry irrepressible ripple effects across whole social networks, helping each person who experiences positivity resonance to grow and in turn touch and uplift the lives of countless others.”Creating happiness and health in moments of connection, Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph.D.”

Looking forward to meet you,