“The ITP has produced – in addition to excellent facilitators – an amazing variety of brilliant teachers and creative innovators.”

Hal & Sidra Stone

Founders of Voice Dialogue
and the Psychology of Selves


The Register Master of Transformational Psychology, MTP is a new international quality register of psychologists, therapists, coaches and trainers who successfully completed the two-year therapeutic specialization course Voice Dialogue & Transformational Psychology.

With this they have proved to meet the requirements of the Institute for Transformational Psychology of professional facilitators. They have indicated that they command the principles, techniques and subjects used in Transformational Psychology, and are able to professionally facilitate and treat the transformational processes of their clients. In addition, they are aware of their own possibilities and limits.


Corresponding logo 
Once included in the register, these facilitators are allowed to include the abbreviation MTP behind their name. They are allowed to use the corresponding logo on, for instance, a website, stationary, promotional material, etc.


The name Master of Transformational Psychology, MTP, with logo is registered at the Benelux – Office for Intellectual Property and the international brand register World Intellectual Property Organisation.


Alumni ITP
Process facilitators who followed the training course in the past for at least two years at the ITP can send a written request for inclusion in the register. A committee will deal with this request. If the committee believes that the facilitator in question has sufficient qualities, skills and knowledge to be included in the register, an exam is not necessary.

If the committee doubts whether the applicant meets the requirements of the ITP for inclusion, it will request the applicant to take the exam.

The committee will submit a written assessment concerning whether or not an applicant is directly included in the register.


More information? 
If you have questions about the register please contact Robert Stamboliev:

T: +31 (0)6 51607758
E: info@voicedialogueworld.com

In the future, the register will change into an independent foundation that is still to be established.