“The ITP has produced – in addition to excellent facilitators – an amazing variety of brilliant teachers and creative innovators.”

Hal & Sidra Stone

Founders of Voice Dialogue
and the Psychology of Selves

More about Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is a method intended for training in self-awareness and transformation of consciousness, but equally valid as an important therapeutic tool. Furthermore, the dialogue method is extremely useful for relationships. For actors it is an excellent expedient to examine and experience the energy patterns from which “characters” and roles emerge.

Psychology of Selves 
Voice Dialogue is a method to come into dialogue with our inner voices. These voices belong to the various parts of our personality: our selves. Each of these selves has its own way of thinking, feeling, behaviour and observation. Often we identify with one or more sub-personalities, our so-called “primary selves”, while other parts of us try to let themselves be heard in vain. In Voice Dialogue the various selves are invited to speak freely, to manifest themselves with all their energy. Freely means without interference of the ego, which often identifies itself with critical sub-personalities, like the “controller” and the “critic”.


Dancing with energies 
We emphasize that Voice Dialogue is energy work. Basically, the selves are energy patterns which we have developed throughout our lives, and as such are of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature.

Our definition of consciousness is: the awareness and experience of energy patterns. An important base for the construction of the personality is the polarity of vulnerability and power. Between these two poles we live our individual life and relationships. The discovery of our vulnerability is often the start of the transformational process.


An Aware Ego 
Voice Dialogue is a simple, highly elegant method. Theoretically founded by Jung, it was fostered by trends like Psychodrama, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis and Psychosynthesis, and influences can be traced back to Greek philosophy, and the teachings of Aurobindo and Gurdjieff.

With Voice Dialogue one can go as ‘deep’ as one likes, but also as ‘high’ as one can reach, as ‘low’ and as ‘far’ as one dares. It is the exploration of our inner space, in which both heaven and earth have their place. The ultimate goal of the training is to get to know ourselves in all dimensions, to acquire more possibilities of choice from an increasingly aware ego.

As a result, the ensuing shift in our energy patterns also changes consciousness. This changing view of ourselves alters our possibilities for relationships and our place in the world.